The Creator Becomes the Destroyer

The planets haven’t changed themselves for millennia. Everything looked so peaceful in the blackness. Is there time? Yes, but there was nobody to care for him. A big nothing. The darkness that bathed the world. There was no light in the darkness. There is no indication of any new change. The wind was blowing, but it did not bring news of the beginning of life. Life wasn’t in the plan. Colors did not exist, therefore no shades as well. Just a big empty expanse of nothing much.

However, one of them was wearing a life. Life was in its origin, in its being. She was a rebel. Creation was allowed only to the Great Creator. No one was allowed to mix his fingers in it. No one was allowed to use the Creator’s gift. No one except her. The Earth was brave enough. Well, crazy enough. Fully geometrically planned, carried out continuously, she began to pursue a life on its surface. She has been so creative! In the beginning she was very timid and tried to develop a life unnoticed, but this gift is boiled in it. She continued to create no longer respecting the Creator’s rules. Although she knew there was a chance that she created works pervert, she no longer cared. She was too crazy.

All surrounding planets have begun to notice the folly of the Earth and have started to think of a way to notify the Creator. The Earth is totally out of control! In the beginning the good creatures were perfect and loving; they’ve now turned into a variety of shapes. Beauty has shifted to ugliness, and good to evil. The last creation has brought total chaos to order. Man. Her realization has come too late. Her longest work will destroy it. The order and rules no longer exist. Now it’s really late. She’s tried to correct his mistake without success. The creator ordered her to destroy her creation. It was too hard.

From her creative mind come invading ideas. Destroy them all at once! She could send a huge asteroid and solve the problem of their existence. No, she couldn’t kill her children in this way. Gradually, however, there are so many ways – hunger, illness, hatred. Yes, there was the great solution; they will destroy themselves. She’ll let them go. It’s their nature. Destruction. It’s in their blood. She will suffer, yes, but eventually, she’ll survive, while they will not.