Much of my poetry has been written as a result of thoughts, feelings, and ideas that were stimulated by specific works of art, paintings, and sculptures.  Below is a collection of poems written by me, including several that were inspired by particular works and the associated art.

“The Dream”

In thickest wood at darkest hour
ancient starlight does empower
Magic’s children to appear
as summer’s solstice draws them near.

In this garden of the moon
where sacred lotus flowers bloom
the well of hope is full and clear
a soul renewed is coming near.

When fireflies by fey are born
a holy oath by them is sworn.
Protect the children lest the fear
their journey now on Gaia’s sphere.

Morning’s close and time is quick
blood runs fast from thorny prick.
New heart beats strong and cries delight
soft night is gone, again there’s light.

With harm to none, baptized by fire
at this the most enchanted hour;
with grace as soft as morning dew
a dream unfolds…and time is new.

~Rhonda Havlock

“Stingy Jack”

When winds blow cold and the hour is late
Stingy Jack comes through the gate
His eyes aglow, their fire bright
as goblins dance in sheer delight.

Upon your step he’ll slowly sneak
As fellow tricksters spy, he’ll speak
His challenge issued, “Trick or Treat?”
You’re warned to give him something sweet.

Be ready on All Hallows Night
All souls are free; expect a fright
Vampires, ghouls, and fairy queen
The night is here, it’s Halloween!

~Rhonda Havlock

“A Room With No Walls”

Deep in the soul a dream still exists
Awakened from slumber in sweet morning mists.

Long dormant, forgotten, hidden from view
Now stirring, arising for journeys anew.

To wander unhindered toward hopes of its own
A quest for nirvana, a mind free to roam.

To soar high with eagles or walk hallowed halls
A spirit’s set free in A Room with No Walls.

~Rhonda Havlock

“Mind Trap”

A tortured soul, I must escape
No keys for this unyielding gate
My screams not even I can hear
How long have I been hiding here?

No light, no chance, no hope in sight
This darkness fills me day and night
Unyielding, cruel, the pain is clear
Caught in this trap…it’s me I fear.

~Rhonda Havlock

“A Cubist Mind Contemplates”

(Thinking Outside the Box)

In blissful dreams he drifts in time
Lost in contemplation
A complex mind reflects and sits
in ardent admiration.

Conflicting states allied in hope
Extremes breed deep respect
A new idea enlightens night
a cherished foe he must inspect.

Awareness dawns as fear retreats
The spirit must react
The mind has come full circle
knowing opposites attract.

~Rhonda Havlock