The Others and She

Life is a question mark and there are two types of people in it:

1) Those who are able to resolve this issue (or at least tend to do so) by coming into constant conflict with others and with oneself;

2) Others, insensitive to the mysteries of existence.

She always tends to be so precise. Neatly arranged books, sorted clothes, by types, colors, in many categories. Everything tidy except her thoughts. She stood in front of a guillotine, looking indifferent while she was watching the crowd that came to support her suffering. What do these people think and why do they like to enjoy someone else’s suffering? She was much too proud to expose her weakness. Nah, she wasn’t like that. If she was such, she wouldn’t be condemned.

The first step, the second step, she was getting closer to her executioner. They say that a man has a thousand thoughts when he faces death. It’s not really true. She was completely calm, thinking about the appearance of the guillotine. Weird. Someone would think that she was thinking about her life, that she regrets what happened, that she wants desperately to escape, that she was afraid. But none of that.

She always liked symmetry and she would always find it in the most unexpected and bizarre places just like now. She looked at the blade and thought about its construction. All the elements were there. The proper angle, circle, rectangle, and ellipse. They were united in a frightening way. They created something horrible. However, they are part of a nature that pervades the whole world. Each tiny atom is saturated with perfect geometric shapes. Is there discontinuity and asymmetry? Of course, because nature creates a diversity. Man, he likes to arrange them by creating order and symmetry. And she is here because she is disturbing order. Her observations are too asymmetrical in relation to the mass that is observing her. The truth is a little different, and unavailable to every human being. She knows that.

She heard the sign and came to the execution device. The mass was quiet. There was a long moment of silence. She thought about how she would like her head facing the blade just to be able to admire its shape. She heard the executioner cutting the rope. She waited for the blade to come at every moment. She wondered whether it would be proper cut. She hated slovenliness. At one point, the sharp blade shook the world in front of her eyes. She didn’t hear or feel anything anymore.

The people slowly returned home. Yes, they were The Others and they enjoyed it very much.