Addicted to a POPADEMIC…

There have been many events and projects happening with my artwork during the course of the last year. I currently have several new paintings in progress, including works from my Marilyn Monroe, Abstract Geometry, and Silhouettes series. In addition to these I have been exploring new methods and styles and will soon be posting some pieces from these new collections.

The vast majority of my time, however, has been dedicated to my involvement with Joey Havlock’s POPADEMIC – POP Art Bottled, and the Portraits of POP projects. My creative participation with these projects has been an absolute joy and I am proud to be a part of these ever expanding collections. I eagerly look forward to the continuation and further development of my POPADEMIC addiction.

For more information about POPADEMIC and Portraits of POP, please visit

The NEXUS Series – “Infinite Sway”

A nexus is defined as a connection, or series of connections, linking two or more things; the center or core of things. The most obvious representation of a nexus is the mandala. Mandalas can be found throughout nature and for centuries cultures have used them as a spiritual teaching tool to aid in meditation and induce trance states. Their symbolic nature can help one to access the deeper levels of the unconscious in order to experience the mystical sense of oneness with the cosmos. With my new series “NEXUS” I will use mandalas and representational symbolism to explore the concept of these connections between the self and the universe; between spirit and the physical.