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The NEXUS Series – “Infinite Sway”

A nexus is defined as a connection, or series of connections, linking two or more things; the center or core of things. The most obvious representation of a nexus is the mandala. Mandalas can be found throughout nature and for centuries cultures have used them as a spiritual teaching tool to aid in meditation and induce trance states. Their symbolic nature can help one to access the deeper levels of the unconscious in order to experience the mystical sense of oneness with the cosmos. With my new series “NEXUS” I will use mandalas and representational symbolism to explore the concept of these connections between the self and the universe; between spirit and the physical.


SHADOW CAT ~ The Silhouettes Series

Meet “Shadow Cat”, the latest work from my Silhouettes Series.  I have a great affinity for Felines, and their love of slinking around at night and being seen only when they choose makes them perfect creatures to incorporate into the Silhouettes.   So I hope you like them too because I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more of these characters throughout this series…


Marilyn Magic ~ 8″ x 10″ Original Drawing ~ Marilyn Monroe Spectrum Series

The latest release from the Marilyn Monroe (Spectrum Series) is “Marilyn Magic”.  Combining the sexy pinup style of classic Hollywood with the vibrant movement of Abstract Geometry styling allows for a unique perspective of Marilyn’s Iconic Beauty.  “Marilyn Magic” is an Original 8″ x 10″ Drawing created using a combination of Pen and Colored Pencil on Museum Bristol.